Questions About One Sixth Coutre Doll Wigs
All wigs are shipped with BASIC care instructions and will have a URL referring you to this page for comprehensive information about One Sixth Wigs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: One Sixth Wigs have been designed for the adult
doll collector and are not intended to be used as a child's toy.

What are Your Wigs Made From?

All One Sixth Wigs are made from 100% synthetic hair. I use Kanekalon, Saran/Katsilk, nylon, Tokyokalon, polypropelene or a combination on each wig.

Wig bases are made from PowerNet which is 100% elastane and has a very resilient stretch.

No human hair is used in making any of the One Sixth Wigs. Human hair may become brittle over time and reduce the lifespan of the doll wig. There have also been issues with cross staining to vinyl and/or resin of some of the the dyes used to colour human hair.

Synthetic hair comes in a great range of colours, is easier to obtain and is significantly cheaper than human hair without any possible cross staining issues.

What Size Are Your Doll Wigs?

One Sixth wigs are size 4. Most 1/6th sale fashion dolls (Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Volks etc) will fit a size 4 wig or sometimes have been listed as wigs to fit 27—29cm dolls. Size 4 means that the doll has a 4 inch head circumference (see below for measuring information). Please ensure that your doll has the same or very similar sized head. My wigs may stretch to fit a slightly larger head, eg 4 1/4” circumference, but the hair strands will be further apart on the net due to over stretching of the wig base and could give the appearance of thinner hair. Also, due to the strong resilience of the netting used for the wig base, the wig may spring off a dolls head that exceeds the recommended measurements for a size 4 head or some structural stitching may break due to excesive strain.

  Do Your Wigs Fit on Dolls with Rooted or Flocked Heads?
One Sixth Wigs have been designed to specifically fit Spa Silkstone or selected Fashion Royalty dolls which are dedicated wig dolls. One Sixth wigs may also fit other 1/6 scale dolls with a size 4 head, but, as I do not own all of these types of dolls, I am unable to confirm fit.

My wigs have been designed to gently grip the dolls' head rather than just sit atop of the head. There is no need to use pins, glue, double sided tape, Blu-tack, etc. to hold the wig on.

Dolls that have had their hair removed (scalped) may have the same sized head as a regular rooted doll. Ensure that you measure the circumference of the head before ordering or purchasing a wig. A ‘scalped’ doll should have all hair tufts removed and be as close to 100% bald as possible before putting on a doll wig.

Also, I have tried several different wigs on a doll with a flocked head, but found putting on and taking off the wig was difficult due to the flocking gripping the fabric of the wig base. A wig could be placed on a flocked head but I would strongly advise against this as it will more than likely damage the flocking by wearing it off, creating bald spots.

One Sixth Wigs will NOT fit on a doll with rooted hair.

What Hair Colours Do You Have Available?

I source hair from various local and international suppliers (mostly so I can offer the most extensive range of colours available. You can view some of the colours that I have available or able to get here.  Some colours may be out of stock but are usually obtainable in approx. 1 - 2 weeks. This time frame could vary depending on  the suppliers available stock. Some of my personal stock may be listed as limited editions will be unobtainable once my stock has been depleated.

How Do I Put on the Wig?

Make sure there are no stray strands that could get caught up on the inside of the wig. Hold the wig firmly to the dolls’ head at the back and slip over the front or vice versa. The wig will stretch a little to fit over the dolls' head and that slight stretch is what holds the wig to the dolls' head.

What are the Loopy Bits at the Sides?

Some styled wigs (not all) have been designed with small concealable loops on each side to assist in putting the wig on the dolls’ as to not disturb the styling. The loops are of narrow ribbons that are stitched securely to the inside of the wig and are positioned on each side of the wig near the dolls’ ears.

Gently put the wig on as normal but if the wig needs further adjustment, give a gentle tug on both loops at the same time. The loops can be gently pushed up under the edge of the wig with the end of a pin, fine knitting needle or skewer whilst gently supporting the wig.

How Do I Look After My Doll Wig?

Do not use any kind of heat on and/or near synthetic hair as it may melt, distort or effect the styling. Heat sources including curling tongs/wands, hair straighteners, hair dryers, hot water and steam should be avoided. Also placing and/or storing of any wig near a heater or open flame should also be avoided.

How Should I Store My Wig?
When the wig is not being worn, support the inside of the wig with a scrunched up tissue or place it on a 3cm (1¼ inch) diameter Styrofoam ball to help keep the crown in shape. Return the wig to a protective hair net prior to storage. This helps to keep the style in place and assists in avoiding getting one wig tangled with another wig.

If you have discarded the protective wig net(s) and require more, please see your hair dresser/stylist, chemist or supermarket and look for bun nets which are of a suitable size for most fashion doll wigs.

I recommend storing wigs in a dedicated wig box made of cardboard or papier maché with a few silica gel desiccant sachets to help absorb any excess moisture. I do not recommend plastic storage containers as they may retain excess moisture if the container is not 100% dry. Most plastic containers are airtight which do not allow any kind of air circulation around the contents. This may lead to mildew/mould growing in the container and may ruin your wig(s).

Do not store your wigs with any items could cause damage including brushes, combs, Velcro, knives, scissors etc.

Can I Style My Doll’s Wig? What Can I Use?

Synthetic hair is not really intended to be dressed with styling products created for human hair. Hair spray or hair spritz can leave large globs of product on the hair strands which can dry to look like dandruff, it can also dull the shine of synthetic hair. Styling gels can leave the hair excessively stiff and is difficult to brush out, again, leaving a dandruff like residue when you do. Both of these products can only really be removed by washing the wig. It is advisable not to wash your doll wig(s) unless absolutely necessary.

If you cannot locate any synthetic hair/wig specific styling products, I have been advised by a few hair extension specialists here in Sydney to use a minimal quantity of human hair products that do not contain alcohol. It would be best to ask your hairdresser/stylist about which brands and/or products would be suitable as brands and/or products vary from country to country. I, personally, would tell the stylist of the size/scale of wig that you are using so they may advise accordingly.

Synthetic hair cannot be curled by regular perming methods or styled by using a hair dryer; neither method will work on synthetic hair. If you wish to change the style of your dolls’ wig, please take it to a hair dresser/stylist that has experience with synthetic hair and/or wigs.

Flyaway hairs can be kept in place with a small amount of a human hair styling product. Jon Copeland of Selo J has had success using a very small amount of a product called Manipulator by Bed Head. According to his instructions, this needs to be carefully worked into the hair from root to tips. Too much can give the hair a greasy appearance by clumping the hair strands together. Less is more in this instance.

Will the Wig Stain My Dolls’ Head?

One Sixth Wigs are made with a natural flesh coloured netting for the base. No coloured fabrics are used as a wig base which reduces the risk of cross staining from a dyed fabric. Only synthetic hair is used on One Sixth wigs.

Synthetic hair, in a nutshell, is plastic. Coloured pellets are sometimes mixed with clear and/or white pellets, melted together and then extruded to make the like hair strands. This means that the colour is throughout the strand of hair and not just coating the strand like hair dye. There should be nominal to no residue on the synthetic hair strands to cross stain onto doll vinyl. an/or resin. I have used dyed human hair previously and have found that alot of the dyes transfer colour very quickly from hair to doll/human fingers and was not easily removed. If you are concerned about possible cross staining to your dolls' head, laurebellecouture who creates protective silicon wig caps for Silkstone/Fashion Royalty dolls. I have also heard via postings on various doll boards that some people have had success in using the cut off fingertips from rubber or latex gloves to use on Silkstone/Fashion Royalty heads as wig protectors. I cannot confirm the viability of this tip. Even though synthetic hair has nominal to no colour residue, there is still no 100% guarantee that a dark and/or red coloured wig will not cross stain to doll vinyl/resin.


How Are One Sixth Wigs Made?

One Sixth Wigs are made individually by hand, by one person - me. The base pieces are stitched together by hand and each strand of hair is individually knotted onto the fabric. This can take on average 30 - 40 hours of work and up to approximately 1000— 1250 strands of hair per wig. No two wigs are alike and are made with passion and dedication. All of the above factors are reflected in the wig pricing.

What Makes Your Wigs Different from Other Doll Wigs Available?

The major difference is that One Sixth Wigs are made individually by me using a traditional single knot process; commercially made wigs are made en mass in factories using wefts.

Commercially made wigs are created from lengths of wefts that are machine stitched onto a base of stretch net, PowerNet or Lycra. Sometimes, commercially made wigs can be too small or too large for the doll even though the tag specifies the correct size. This happens in the stitching process where the weft could be pulled too tight as it is stitched to the base, making the wig smaller than it should be or the wig base could be over stretched whilst being sewn, making the wig too big.

One Sixth Wigs have individual hair strands knotted through holes that makes up base fabric. This method of knotting does not impede the stretch of the wig base in any way. Wig base pieces are hand stitched together for additional strength and to ensure a superior fit. One Sixth Wigs are not made with hair wefts but individual synthetic hair strands. This means that the bulk that is often seen on wigs made with wefts is reduced significantly, giving a more realistic appearance to the wig. Each wig is made by myself and is one of a kind (OOAK) or made in very limited editions of 3 or fewer pieces per colour/per style.

Each wig is fitted onto a doll in the beginning when the wig base has been made, again at end of the knotting process, then one last time after styling.

What is Underknotting?

Underknotting is a process where there are at least 2 - 3 rows of hair knotted on the inside edge of the wig. this means that if you wish to pull the dolls' hair up or back, the underknotted hair will obscure the edge of the wig giving a more realistic appearance. All up styles are underknotted the entire way around the circumference. Most (not all) others styles are undeknotted half way around the wig around the face from ear to ear.

Do You Take Commissions?
I do, but a timeframe for completion will depend on my workload at the time. My days are split between sewing for humans, sewing for dolls, a 8 - 4 job along with household duties and studies. By all means, please e-mail me. Remember, One Sixth wigs take at approx. 30 - 40 hours to create. One wig would take approximately 2 weeks to make from start to finish.


Do You Make Other Sized Doll Wigs or Human Wigs?

No, to both questions. I started making doll wigs to fill a gap in the market for 1/6 size fashion dolls. There are many beautiful wigs available for larger dolls but very few for 1/6 size fashion dolls. At one point I did look into having a manufacturer produce a small run of wigs but this was going to be a very lengthy and very costly process with no guarantee of each wig fitting.

Knotting wigs for larger scaled dolls would take a substantially longer period of time to complete and would make a larger scaled wig quite expensive.

Do You Sell/Ship Internationally?

Yes! I am located in Sydney, Australia and ship on Saturdays ONLY for local and international orders.

How are One Sixth Wigs Packaged for Shipping?

All styled wigs are boxed for protection. Straight unstyled wigs can be sent in a paded enveloped at buyers request. I will not post styled wigs unboxed as the wig will be damaged in transit. Wigs will be sent on a styrofoam ball, covered with a protective hair net, wrapped in tissue paper and then boxed. I strongly suggest that the wig net is retained for storage. Please refer back to the How Should I Store My Wig? section listed above.

How Much is Shipping?

Shipping is dependant on where you are in the world, how heavy the package is and the size of the package. I never charge any kind of handling fee and I only charge the actual cost of packaging products and postage.

All wigs are sent via registered post, no exceptions as this protects both you and I from unfortunate postal mishaps that may occur.

I will not falsify customs declarations in case a claim needs to be filed.

Customs and import duties are payable by the buyer if they are incurred. I cannot be held responsible for your country's duties.

Average international postage is $10 USD for one wig to the USA. Shipping from Australia to the USA/UK takes approx. 7 days, sometimes longer nearing and/or during peak postage periods of Christmas and/or Easter. Shipping within Australia is approximately $5 AUD. Other shipping times will vary from country to country.

How Do I Pay?

International payments must be made via Paypal only. Please contact me for further information before sending any funds via this method.

Purchases within Australia can be paid by Paypal (US funds only), direct debit, money order or cheque. Orders paid by money order or cheque will be held until payment clears the bank (3 - 5 working days). Please contact me for details.

All prices are quoted in USD unless otherwise specified. For foreign currency conversions I use the Universal Currency Converter for an approximate conversion rate and/or value.

Which Way is the Back of the Wig?

The ribbon loop inside the wig goes to the back of the doll's head.

Do You Wear Wigs?

Yes! I buy my human sized wigs from E-bay. I already own 8 and still looking! I don't make my own wigs as it would take far too long to make a wig to fit my head!

Hopefully I have answered most of your queries. Please e-mail me if your need further information.

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