Pattern for a line high waisted skirt in two fabrics along with a knitted pattern for a cropped
jumper with leg-o-mutton sleeves.
Skirt has tiny zipper closure. Jumper has either snap or hook closure.

Materials required:

Skirt: Shell upper— 1/4 metre/yard of fabric of choice. Lower shell—PVC or fabric of choice.
Lining— 1/4 metre/yard of Bemsilk lining. 1 x tiny zipper. Matching thread.

Knitted Top: Baby wool in either acrylic or wool, approx. 4ply.
Size  2.5mm knitting needles. Bodkin needle. 4—5 hooks or snaps.

Tiny zippers are available from

 Pattern is in PDF format via digital delivery and contains 3 pattern pieces along with
'sequence of contruction' text based instructions and knitting pattern.

Quo Lure Pattern
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