NOTE: Before embarking on any of my patterns, please read my FAQ page before e-mailing me.

If you do want hard copies, please order via the pattern page. Pattern options are available for digital delivery and hard copy delivery.
Hard copy patterns are available at an additional cost of $3 per pattern for postage. I will not send hard copies of patterns for gratis any longer.

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Retired patterns: All regular Barbie and pre (shorter) 2006 FR patterns are now retired.

Concordia Discors | Contra Mundum | Geminius Praesumo | Formo Porro |

Lusus Naturae | Motu Proprio | Quo Lure | Lux et Veritas

FR Homme Patterns

Homme Shirts |

Model BehaviourPatterns

***being worked on***

Silkstone Patterns

***being worked on***

16" Doll Patterns

***being worked on***

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