ALL patterns are created in PDF format.

Over the years, the following FAQ has been designed to cater to the small number of people who don’t think or research before e-mailing me.
Please read ALL of the below before embarking or purchasing pattern(s).


All patterns have a 5mm (scant ¼”) seam allowance except where otherwise indicated on the pattern. These are usually hems and/or
centre back seams where zips are inserted.

the instructions and KNOW what you need to do before starting. This is a good habit for all sewers to adhere to
regardless of how long one has been sewing.

Also READ and understand all the pattern pieces before you commence as some pieces need to be flipped/reversed before pinning/cutting.
This has been done to save on file size in your inbox as creating another page would have added to the file size that I send out.
Please do not e-mail me complaining that you cut the pattern piece out the wrong way around because you did not read and/or understand
the pattern pieces before you started cutting out.

 Also, some One Sixth Couture patterns have had to be broken up into pieces to fit onto printer friendly pages.
These pattern pieces need to taped, pinned or traced back together before you commence cutting. Again, know which pattern pieces
connect together before you start.

Patterns are ONLY viewable and printable in Adobe Reader. They will not open and/or copy and paste into any other program properly.

 Adobe Reader is a program which allows you to view and print .PDF documents which are in a non editable format due to the owner’s copyright
and/or legal requirements.
Adobe Reader is FREE from Adobe. It is highly recommended that you download and use the latest version
Adobe Reader to avoid any possible conflict issues with using older versions of the software whilst trying to open recently created files.

I will NOT be saving multiple versions of the pattern for various versions of Adobe Reader. I do not have the data storage on the mail server for such requests.

If you can open the pattern, my work is done and it is now up to YOU to get it to print. I am not an unpaid IT support technician for your printer issues.
All One Sixth Couture patterns have been test printed using the actual PDF file that is sent to you. Test prints from several of my work, home,
local and international friends’ printers have all been successful. If you require a hard copy, please pay for the postage.

I no longer send out hard copies of digitally delivered patterns for gratis if you complain. Paper, ink, envelopes, fuel and shipping all cost money.
Again, if you want a hard copy, please pay for the postage.

In Australia, we do not have US legal or letter sized paper. Your pattern has been created to be printed out on A4 size paper. However, your pattern
can still be printed on US legal paper. The below graphic shows the differences between paper sizing. US legal and letter sizes are shown in red
in the below graphic.

To print on US legal paper: set Adobe Reader to print out at 100% scaling or NONE. Your pattern should print out within the boundaries of US Legal paper.
Also see the following question below.

In Adobe Reader, check prior to printing that the 'page scaling' is set to NONE. If the 'Page Scaling' drop down box says anything other than 'None', the
 pattern will not print out to the correct size. To check if the pattern has printed out to the right size, use the measurement guide at the bottom left
corner of each pattern page. They measure 5cm x 5cm. Please check that this is the correct length in both directions after you print
out the pattern. Most tape measures are in metric and imperial measurements.

Paper size should be set to US Legal (if in the USA) or A4 elsewhere in the world.

One Sixth Couture patterns are sent to you as a PDF file and occasionally may corrupt in transit.  I can resend the file to you in a zipped format
which means you will need to decompress/unpack the file before it can be read by
Adobe Reader.

The file name will remain the same, just that it will have a .zip extension. The file name will look like

These unzipping/unpacking programs will be able to unpack the file to your hard drive. You will need to save the pattern to an easily locatable
folder on your hard drive once it is unzipped then the file can be opened in
Adobe Reader. The file will now look like xxxxxx.pdf.

You will need to research these decompression/unzipping programs yourself to locate which programme is suitable for your circumstances.
Many are freeware or shareware.


Patterns have been created with Apple Pages '09 and converted/exported to a PDF file. If you have an earlier version of
Adobe Reader (over 12 months old), please update it to the latest release. Older versions of Adobe Reader will have issues opening newer
files. No software has forward compatibility.

I do not have the online resources to save files in prior versions of Adobe Reader. Please go to Adobe to download the latest free version of Adobe Reader.
Due to my copyrights on these patterns, I will NOT send patterns in the raw .doc file format or any other format other than .PDF.

All patterns, unless hard copy postal delivery purchased, will be sent via digital delivery usually within 24 – 48 hours after cleared payment.
I do not have an automated system where patterns are sent out automatically upon payment. All patterns are sent manually by
myself and all e-mails archived for reference if required.

Please ensure that you have at least 6 – 8Mb of free space per pattern available in your inbox for digital delivery.

I post hard copies once a week only.

From time to time an error may occur within a pattern. Whilst all due care is taken in drafting and writing instructions, errors
can and do occur. Due to the archive of patterns sold, if you have purchased a pattern that has had an error identified, a revised
pattern will be e-mailed to the last known e-mail address at no cost.

 Printed patterns will not be reposted but an e-mail copy of the amended pattern will be sent to the last known e-mail address.

One Sixth Couture patterns have been designed for those who have at least an intermediate knowledge of sewing as there can be some
challenging pattern pieces to put together. My patterns do not come with pictures on how to construct the garment. All pattern instructions
are in a text based ‘preferred sequence of construction’ format. Graphics are included in patterns where a further explanation is deemed necessary.

My patterns have been designed to fit the doll specifically named on the pattern. Please note that any pattern listed for Fashion Royalty
dolls are for the taller post 2006 bodies. Model Behaviour patterns will be released as time permits and will be marked as such.
Silkstone patterns will become available soon in selected designs from the FR line. Further Homme patterns are currently under consideration.

I am in no way affiliated with Integrity Toys, Inc., Mattel, or Adobe.

I make production patterns and concept designs exclusively for one larger scale doll which is Elizabet & Kotalin Bizelle by Jozef Szekeres.
I may create patterns for Sybarite and Avant Guard dolls if time and/or funding permit.

My prices on E-bay are only $1 higher per pattern to cover the cost of E-bay fees. Also, due to E-bays policy on digital delivery, patterns
cannot be specifically listed as being sent via digital delivery. Unless an actual postage amount is specified in the price of the auction, please
safely assume that your pattern(s) will be sent via e-mail (digital delivery). If you wish to have hard copies sent, please use ‘ask seller a question’
and ‘request an invoice’ before proceeding to pay.

E-bay ID - one*sixth

I do occasionally give permission for my patterns to be used for commercial production of one off garments. You MUST obtain my express
written authority to do so and I will send you a signed hard copy letter of authority. If you are wishing to use my pattern(s) for commercial
purposes, please contact me regarding the number of garments you wish to make etc. so the matter can be discussed.

I take commissions for one off patterns, production patterns or patterns for conventions. Please e-mail me to discuss designs, pricing,
requirements, etc. Lead up time needed will be at least 6 months prior to required time to allow for changes. The pattern and instructions
cannot be altered in any way and must still retain the One Sixth Couture name in the credits when sold and/or given away and/or used for production.


First and foremost, regardless of which pattern company’s pattern you are using.... TOILE THE PATTERN FIRST! We all sew differently
and it is best to test the pattern out on cheap fabric and make any personal modifications on that cheap version rather than cutting into expensive
and/or vintage fabric to find out that you need to make a critical adjustment. This is also HIGHLY advisable if you are wishing to use
a Fashion Royalty pattern on a Silkstone or vice versa.

One Sixth Couture designs, unless specified, should not be created using heavy weight or thick fabrics or designs with large patterns or plaids.

Once a pattern is retired, that is it. A pattern that is retired usually does so after the 'taste' for that design has passed. It may come back
into the collection at a later date if there has been enough demand for a return.

If you wish to use Velcro on One Sixth Couture patterns, you do so at your own choice and risk.

There is only enough seam allowance at the centre back of my patterns to allow for the use of tiny zippers. Tiny zippers are used in my construction to
allow for the close fitting nature of the garments I create. Velcro rarely gives this kind of fit.

 Velcro can make a beautiful garment look cheap and of poor workmanship. It can also damage the dolls hair if caught in the tiny hooks.
One Sixth Couture patterns are designed for the mature doll collector and are not suitable for children.

 Please consider using tiny zippers, snaps, eyelets or hooks/eyes/bars as closures. The back seam of most of my patterns is straight which makes
 insertion of tiny zippers or the use of eyelets a lot easier. By all means you can attempt to use Velcro with my patterns, but I will NOT be held
responsible for the final garment fit and/or look if you do so.

As always, please contact me via e-mail and I will endeavour to help you with your queries.
Do please read and understand the above first before e-mailing your questions.

Please contact me via e-mail and I will endeavour to help you with your queries.

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If you wish to query our mailing list policy, please see my Privacy Policy.