When did you start making patterns?
I started sewing for dolls in 1995. I had a lot of scrap fabric from making my own clothes and couldn’t part with it. I headed to the craft store to see what patterns were available that could use up smaller pieces of fabric. I bought my first commercial pattern for Barbie. Since then I have adapted and tweaked commercial patterns until I could take no more of the poor fit. In 2000 I did a short course in pattern drafting and buried my head in Helen Joseph-Armstrong’s book on pattern making. Since then I have made my own patterns and One Sixth Couture patterns came to fruition late 2000.

Why only Fashion Royalty dolls?
There are many other people and companies that create patterns for Barbie®. Fashion Royalty® dolls are more of a challenge with their well defined curves. There have been only a very few patterns ever made for this doll including one official pattern from Integrity Toys for a convention. Also the expense of different size dolls along with the time required to draft, toile and create patterns for a variety of dolls is something that I am in short supply of.

Will your patterns fit a Silkstone Barbie®?
All of my patterns could easily be adapted to fit a Silkstone Barbie® by toiling (testing the pattern in calico first) , adjusting  when you need to and repeating the process until you have the desired fit.

Why are there no “how-to” drawings?
I create patterns for the more experienced sewer who knows what they are doing. This keeps the file sizes that are    e-mailed out a lot smaller and I can also create patterns a lot quicker as I do not have to photograph or sketch each step of the construction process. All patterns are created with a ’sequence of construction’ outline. \

Will you design for any other sized dolls?
There is always a possibility but at the present there are no plans to create designs for any other scaled doll. All One Sixth Couture Barbie® patterns are now retired.

There are a lot of corsets/corset styling in your designs?
I love corsets and have been a corset maker since 2003. These plastic princesses deserve the stunning appearance that a corset or corset styling can give a garment. If you got it, flaunt it and these little mannequins certainly have got it!

How many patterns do you produce?
That is variable on what I see that could translate well into small scale. Some designs may suit larger scale dolls or humans because of the detailing, but on a small doll would be complicated and not sit correctly. So, I could produce 2 patterns or 20 patterns.

Do you ever sell completed designs?
I can reproduce a garment for you. Please e-mail me for availability and cost. Most of my final designs are sold on either E-bay, Etsy , the onesixth.com website or I can’t bear to part with them.

Will there ever be a pattern book?
Eventually. I have to find enough hours in the day to do the usual chores and work along with drafting patterns, toile, test and produce the final garment, write the instructions, draw the production pattern and transfer to file. There will eventually be the option to purchase a book in CD/DVD format or in hard copy through one of the PoD (print on demand) sellers. The book will more than likely be coil/spiral bound to make it easier to trace out the patterns desired.